Tank cleaning guarantees your fuel quality.

In conjunction with Leighton O’Brien, EMP’s water removal and tank cleaning services solve issues such as:

  • Malfunctioning pumps and ATG’s

  • Blocked filters

  • Bacterial growth

  • Insurance claims from vehicles breaking down

Unlike other tank cleaning services, our market-leading technology sweeps the entire tank floor to remove free-phase water from the tank, and only liquid waste (not fuel) is removed from site.

Depending on your need, our 2-tiered service includes:



Removes water from the entire tank floor, not just from one point, thereby reducing the chance of vehicle breakdowns:  

  • Only waste water is removed from site as all fuel is returned to the tank

  • Visual water ingress report to assess potential cause of water entry into the tank

  • Product quality check and fuel inspection report

  • Ideal for new installations to remove all ballast water from the tank, not just from a single point, thereby ensuring fuel quality from day one

  • Comprehensive, quick, and cost effective way to remove ALL water. Ideal for tanks that have an associated remote fill drain line.

How it works:

  • Removal of water using equipment traversing the entire tank floor from multiple access points and pumping into a holding tank to settle.

  • All fuel from the holding tank is then filtered and returned to the underground tank.



  • Premium 3-stage service to resolve a range of site issues and preserve your underground assets

  • Prevents slow flow and pumping issues through the removal of particulate matter

  • Prevents incorrect and false ATG readings caused by sludge on the tank floor

  • Application for tank conversions for any product (especially diesel & E10) to prevent phase separation, filter blockages and flash point issues

  • Prevents bacterial growth with the option of biocide treatment which, combined with tank cleaning, is the most effective way to tackle ‘black death’ 

  • Option for forward and reverse line flushing to resolve slow flow issues caused by blocked delivery license.

How it works:

  • All the benefits of Tier 1 plus removal of contaminants from the tank, including rust particulate, bacterial sludge, and foreign matter, until clear and bright tank floor samples are achieved from multiple access points

  • Filtration, conditioning, and polishing of fuel to a filtration rate of 2 microns, with the option of biocide treatment and extensive delivery line flushing

  • Remaining fuel in the settlement tank is treated and returned to the tank and waste disposed of in accordance with EPA and state regulations


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