Leaking underground tanks can be responsible for significant soil and groundwater contamination. Underground storage tanks typically contain oils, fuels, and chemicals and other types of liquids. Damaged, corroded, or poorly installed systems, and poorly maintained caps, seals and spill boxes can lead to leakage of these contaminants.

EMP specialises in the decommissioning (abandoning) of disused underground tanks. We provide a full service, from site excavation and the capping and removal of lines, to the removal and environmental validation of the underground petroleum storage system (UPSS).  EMP employs only qualified personnel to perform these works; NSW DECC, NSW WorkCover, and the Australian Standard AS4976-2008 impose strict regulations for these works, and we work only in accordance with these regulations, and the Code of Practice for Storage and Handling of Dangerous Goods.

EMP offers a complete decommissioning service, whether tank removal is required, or decommissioning is carried out with tanks left in their underground position, providing site validation, environmental reporting and testing, ensuring your project fulfills all requirements.




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